Local Towing

Local Towing Service

Gainesville Towing Service offers multiple towing and transportation services. We are equipped and capable to tow nearly every type of vehicle. This includes SUV’s, sedans, mini-vans, luxury vehicles, trucks of all sizes, sports cars, exotic cars, and classic cars. We are available 24/7 and stand ready to serve you at a moments notice. We can pick-up and deliver in any city and neighborhood within a 25-mile radius of Gainesville, FL. Just let us know where you’re needing to be towed to. We’d be glad to tow you to your home, your mechanic or another location. Just let us know. We’re here to serve you!

Why Choose Gainesville Towing Local Services?

We will not take advantage of you by adding fees. We provide an exact quotation. That is why we are the most affordable towing company in Gainesville. We provide excellent service.

One of our main goals is to help you with your towing needs. We don’t want you to struggle in waiting for nothing. We are going to dispatch the nearest driver on your location within 30 minutes once you call us.

How do we define a local tow?
The industry standard definition of a local tow is any local tow under 25 miles. It goes without saying that our local towing services are much cheaper than long-distance towing services.

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